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Thursday27 June 2019


cirintThe kick off of the Association was held during the MIRACLE Project final conference organized in Milan in June 2015.

The global Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) environment is changing dramatically, with the threats and hazards becoming increasing complex and trans-national in nature. In response, CIR stakeholders in Government, Industry and the Responder Community need to come together to exploit opportunities for sharing knowledge, experience and expertise, through international collaboration. 

This has created the opportunity to establish CIRINT.NET as a formal network of international CIR practitioners.


CIRINT.NET has been, initiated and guided by cooperating regional and national governments, with participation from a variety of sectors and disciplines. The purpose for its stakeholder organisations and active participants is to:

•    Generate understanding of, and diverse insights into, the future global CIR challenges;
•    identify and exchange lead practices for improving CIR arrangements;
•    facilitate outreach via CIRINT.NET to global governmental and non-governmental expertise from academia, business and NGOs on a wide range of international CIR issues;
•    provide opportunities for professional development, information sharing and collaboration on CIR practice and methodologies.

CIRINT.NET is a voluntary association and no enforced commitment or participation is assumed.  As a community concerned with critical infrastructure resilience issues, CIRINT.NET seeks provide a platform to connect practitioners who shape the future evolution of CIR strategy, policy and delivery.


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