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Thursday27 June 2019

Project Activities

The MIRACLE project is organised into 5 Work Packages.

WP1. “Project Management” aims at ensuring that the envisaged activities will be carried out effectively pursuing, the project’s objectives according to the time schedule, budget, scope and the quality standards established.
WP leader is Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

WP2. “Sharing Experiences and Best practices for the Implementation of Regional Critical Infrastructures Resilience Strategies” aims at identofying Best Practices on regional CIP/R programmes at international scale , developing guidelines for the implementation of regional CIP/R programmes, sharing, documentation and generalisation of experiences among institutional partners.
WP leader is VRK.

WP3.  Learning from Regional Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategies to strengthen collaboration schemes between Public and Private stakeholders. The objective of this WP is to strengthen the Public-Private collaboration in the EU to address CI disruptions issues, through learning from existing regional CIP/R strategies.
WP leader is Scottish Government

WP4. Building a Multilevel Framework to Align Regional Critical Infrastructures Resilience Strategies with National and EU Policies aims at supporting the implementation of coherent Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) and Critical Infrastructure Resilience (CIR) strategies in the EU, thanks to the alignment of Regional CIP/R Strategies with national and EU policies
WP leader is Risk Government Solutions.

WP5. Community building and dissemination activities Establish a coordinated dissemination toolkit for MIRACLE aims at supporting the start up of a new cultural association for the promotion and advancements in regional CIP/R practices (RECIPRE Association), preparing papers to be presented at international conferences or to submit to scientific journals, organizing the MIRACLE Final Conference.
WP leader is Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.


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