The Miracle Project

Miracle is an ambitious project, that aims at supporting regional Critical Infrastructure Protection and/or Resilience (CIP/R) strategies, in order to improve exiting capacities of the EU Member States to prevent, prepare and protect people against security related risks, including terrorist attacks.

Regional is understood here as the administrative scale but also as the coherent territory corresponding to a CI system extension. The main assumption behind the Miracle project is that, if regional CIP/R strategies are supported, they will allow addressing Critical Infrastructure Protection issues that national and EU policies would have difficulties to address, while they will contribute to enhance the overall resilience and security levels of the EU Territory. This assumption builds on the experience of the Miracle consortium, balanced between 2 scientific partners (Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and RGS Srl) and 3 institutional partners (the Scottish Government – UK-, The Publich Safety and Health Region Kennemerland –NL- and The Lombardy Region)

Specific objectives of Miracle are:

To answer these objectives, Miracle will implement the activities aiming learning from existing experiences and organized as follows: sharing experience and best practices for the implementation of regional CIP/R strategies, Learning from regional CIP7R strategies to strengthen collaboration schemes between public and private stakeholders, building a multilevel framework to align regional CIP/R strategies with national and EU policies and community buildings and dissemination activities.

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