Dark Colored Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal brown discharge

However, in the middle of the cycle, black spots or specks in the discharge can mean a foreign body is stuck in the vagina. Brown discharge is just old blood.

Vaginal discharge in pregnancy

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What is the color of your vaginal discharge telling you

In this article, we provide a color-coded guide to vaginal discharge. It is normal for women to have vaginal discharge or mucus that is a clear or white color with a sticky texture. Many women have vaginal discharge that varies from a deep rust-colored red to brown or even black.

Abnormal or brown vaginal discharge

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Vaginal discharge

But your vaginal discharge is also a reflection of your health.

My dog has vaginal discharge

It is normal to have a dark vaginal discharge after a period or a few days before a period. Her brothers a dork but his best friend is a stud anal best friend. Watch ginger nude porn photos for free on epbeast.

Types of vaginal discharge, their meanings and home remedies

Heavy, bloody vaginal discharge can indicate miscarriage. Women frequently have dark vaginal discharge at the end of their menstrual periods and sometimes halfway between periods, during ovulation.

Vaginal discharge colors brown milky white health facts

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